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My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago with cellebellar astrocytoma. I am looking for someone who might have or is going through what she is expereincing. She had 6 weeks of radiation and was tumor free right after. The most recent MRI shows either new tumor growth or radiation effects. Apparently this is well known but somewhat rare. She is tired, weak, and needs to talk with someone who has gone through this.


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    I survived Brain cancer
    I had brain cancer this time last year. I had surgery to remove the Grade III astrocytoma located on the outside of my right temporal lobe, I also endured 6 weeks of radiation treatment and felt very weak during and after my treatment.

    A year later, my hair hasn't quite grown back in the concentrated area that my treatments were administered with the cyberknife, I have trouble remembering some very inocuous things like names.

    I have had some small headaches that last about 10-20 seconds on the opposite side of my head maybe once a day, sometimes once a week.

    Since my treatments and surgery, I have lost my job and am enrolled in college courses again and have no medical insurance to keep up with regular MRIs.

    Regardless of the condition of your daughter, you should always think of quality of life rather than quantity. Worry will only make problems worse for you and your family. Anyone that is a survivor should be thankful for their second chance at life. I understand the want to cure your child, but you must also focus on the quality time you have now.

    Good luck to you.

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    Your daughter...
    Great to hear your daughter is tumor free. My wife had surgery on a low-Grade III AA on the front left of her brain.

    She did 6 weeks of radiation (tumor was diagnosed after a seizure on Aug. 3, 2008) and is presently doing temodar.

    VERY fortunately, my old roommate is a radiation oncologist so he helped explain a lot to me.

    Your daughter's MRIs may show some residual swelling which is a bit difficult to tell apart from the tumor at first, especially where the hole is left from the tumor.

    The most difficult part for my wife has been continuing headaches and of course, the hair loss.

    Be sure to ask your doctor about changing medications if your daughter is not comfortable. real important to inquire. I hope this helps!