Update to my Father's Condition - Stage IVB EC in the Liver, Lymph Nodes with Multiple Pulmonary Emb

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Here’s an update for where we are.

My father, Howard, has been diagnosed with Stage IVB Esophagael Cancer. Dr. Juergens at John Hopkins indicated that his tumor is inoperable, that his Liver is 30% involved and that it’s in his lymph nodes. She also indicated that there is a lot of calcium in his blood and recommends tests on his bones, but that hasn’t happened. She gave him 6 months without any chemo treatments to live or possibly a year with chemo. They will do the first round of chemo but if he does not respond she will stop further treatments. They have had to put two different stents in since my email and he continues to have trouble with tolerating the stents. He keeps gaging or having spasms.

This past Sunday night my father went into the ER complaining of pain with the second stent (the first one dropped into his stomach). They did a CT and found that he had multiple pulmonary embolisms in his lung. He also has a DVT, so now he’s on blood thinners. He was in the ICU for a couple days and then they sent him home as he improved.

His chemo has been delayed for 2 weeks from the Stent problems and the Embolism problems. He is supposed to have his first treatment on the 23rd of June. It’s been a tough ride for him since the 19th of May. I am sure there is more to come.

I have contacted his priest and my priest for support. My faith is very strong and I hope his is strengthen during this difficult time.

Please keep us in your prayers.


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    is not easy for me or husband
    My husband was diangosed on april fools day with esophogeal cancer stage 2 not in liver or lymph nodes and is operable he is a 45 year old man not been sick a day in his life and the only reason he went to the doctor was because he couldn't swallow and he hurt around his gallblader, all test for gallblader came back negative, so she sent him for a scope and thats when we found out the unknown. he was a smoker and a heavy drinker but also had acid reflux, he started chemo on the end of april and has had 3 chemo treatments, we found out that the cancer has shrunk tremdously and tumor also the doctor is really scaring us, as when they do the surgery they have to cut open his stomach and take out his esophagus hook it to a new one then he will have a feeding tube, be on a ventialor and be in icu for 3 days along being in the hosptial for 10 days it is a very serious surgery we are scared to death but know in the end it will be worth it Only been married for 3 years this is something we were not expecting. He has 3 beautiful grandchildren so he will have something to fight for. But knowing that the surgery will cure it is a blessing, I don't know how old your father is but i wish him the best. Please contact me if you want to talk you also might check into the chat area i have found it is very helpful there.

    take care
    Moe (Lori)