After Torisel

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My husband has Stage 4 kidney cancer. Had his right kidney out three years ago. A year later they spotted specks in his chest cat-scan. Year of tests before they confirmed kidney cancer in his lungs and lymph nodes. Sutent had no effect. Torisel for four months and a 50% reduction. Hallelujah!

He's been off the med since late April. The side effects have worn off. However, in the last month of treatment he lost about 12 lbs. He's down from about 164-167 to 152. Since then, he's managed to gain one pound back. The dr. isn't worried about it. Should I be?

He eats a lot, but also he's very active all day, walks 2 miles (had 4-way bypass 11 years ago). We eat well, but no dairy (lactose-intolerant), low fat and low sodium.

He'll have a chest and abdomen cat-scan in mid-July and we'll hear the results in the first week of August.