new to group - 2nd crainotomy in less than a week

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Sorry I write the best I can. (had use word – due to spell – spell loss)

3 weeks ago I thought was a layoff the worse problem I had I was so wrong- . 1 seizure and 2 craniotomy was. the cruel joke is 31 of smoking and that not to did do it - I have did quit smoking however

I am waiting for the resulting path - i was diagnosed with a Hi grade tumor on my temporal lobe o the result the remaining 20 percent on tumor

I like crazy –the emotions – and my family is feeling this – and my alienating my daughter 21 and 25

Is this normal?


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    Welcome Elaine!
    Hi Elaine! Life is kind of funny sometimes, isn't it?

    I was diagnosed with an astrocytoma in March 2007 and had a craniotomy, radiation, and chemotherapy.

    Your emotions are completely normal. I alienated my family at different times after my diagnosis. I still alienate my family because they really don't completely understand what I'm going through.

    Good Luck with Everything!!

    Take Care,