Newly diagnosed and don't know what to do?

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Everything goes so quickly the last 4 weeks ( since I learned that I got it !!) , I already had 2 surgeries now what ?

My doctor seems to know what to do . i didn't contact an oncologist yet , should I?

I try to stay strong but sometimes I feels alone , do you?

good luck to everybody


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    Please tell us all about it sozenah......

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    Hey Sozenah... I have had
    Hey Sozenah... I have had two surgeries Since May 18th.. what proceedures have you had.. do you know what the pathology report showed.. that is information that will help.

    Best to you

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    Hi Sozenan, yes I have felt
    Hi Sozenan, yes I have felt alone,but I found my way here and I am not alone anymore. Welcome. It goes fast all right. I pretty new to this myself and my doctor made all my contacts. Like onc and rads guy. Maybe call your doctor to see what they want you to do. Good luck
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    You have come to the right place.
    You will not have to feel alone. We are here with you and I am glad you found us. Let us know a little more. It seems your Dr. would have made an apt. with your oncologists.
    God Bless,
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    Welcome sozenah and sorry
    Welcome sozenah and sorry you have to be here. Have you gotten the pathology reports yet? And what does your surgeon say? You have us to lean on so that you don't feel so alone. Please feel free to post any question you may have or even if you want to vent. We've all been there and done that or are on the way and some of us are at the beginning like you, so we are all in this together. I'm done, was diagnosed 2 years ago and have gone through a mastectomy, chemo, no rads and reconstruction. So feel free to post any question you may have. You can also private message us on this site. Hugs, Lili
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    Welcome sozenah....
    My Surgeon is setting up my Medical Ocologist Appt along with my Radiation Oncologist Appt. Ask you Doctor if they will be doing this for you. I am only assuming that your two surgeries were because they did not get clean boarders the first time? If this is it, it is pretty common. After all pathology reports are in, the next step would normally be to determine your treatment. Most of this can be speculated by your biopsy report results. Call you Doctor, tell him you are confused and come back here anytime. We will be happy to help you all we can utalizing our experiences. But remember, whatever info you gather or advice you recieve, ALWAYS check with your Doctors first. Welcome to our club, even though I sorry for the reason that brought you here......:) Pammy
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    Welcome Sozenah! I am sorry
    Welcome Sozenah! I am sorry that you are here because of bc, but, you already have your surgery behind you now, so, that is good! I am sure that your doctor will contact you and set up an appointment to go over everything with you. Just stay strong and think positive! We will be here to support you! Hugs, Jeanne
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    I'm sorry that you have to
    I'm sorry that you have to go through your worries and anxieties. Anyway, I suggest that you should see an oncologist now. So that you will be more informed about the situation, you have the right to know your treatment. You will also be given some options, and be able to choose your preference. Good luck.. Los Angeles Radiation Oncologist
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    Just want to say hi to you
    Just want to say hi to you sozenah! And, welcome! Let us know what your doctor says!
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    Noel said:

    Just want to say hi to you
    Just want to say hi to you sozenah! And, welcome! Let us know what your doctor says!

    Welcome and my 2 cents
    Welcome to this wonderful, awesome, caring site--maybe I could thing of other things--but these people are wonderful.

    In my case my surgeon was from another state where I had my surgery and she called me with the results and told me that she didn't know any oncologists in my state. I called and made an appointment and got their fax number so my surgeon could fax them the information(surgical report and path report).

    I would assume that if everyone is in the same state that your surgeon would make the appointment for you. You may not only see a medical oncologist but a radiation oncologist depending on what the path report findings are.

    Good Luck,
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    Are you still here??

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    Sozenah, we have all been there...
    I know it's tough, but tell us more and we will be with you all the way.

    The "club" as one of the gals called it, is really more like a family where you can share anything. Everyone has, or has had, a different experience and has a different reaction to the drugs they were given to battle this horrible and relentless disease. But, we all have one thing in common. Understanding. We have been there--we are there. Some of us are new, such as myself of only one month, some us have been on this site for a couple of years. We're not experts, but we have learned much.

    Remember, you are not alone-you have us. However, it is normal to feel down-even depressed, even with all the wonderfully awesome people who sign-in here every day at all hours of the day and night. It's normal to be scared and not know what or who to ask. We will answer what we can, from what we have experienced and from what we have learned along the way, but, once you have found an oncologist ask him or her for advice. Come to us for support.

    Your dr should contact an oncologist, if he/she has not, you will want to find one who, preferably, works in the same hospital. All your drs will become part of your medical team and will work closely with one another, and with you.

    When you're ready, pls sign-on again and we will help you get through the bad times as best as we can. It may be hard to believe now, but there are times you may even laugh. We are here to listen.