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Sorry for my two-day pity-party.

It's been a long two days: dealing with my "soon-to-have-blue-eyed-man" at a 5-hour occularist appointment (a 3-hour round trip) and a 12-hour day away from home today (I'm off for the summer, but have to put in time to help build a new program and take-over an established one).

Anyway, yesterday the occularist told us that we need to wait 3 more weeks for my hubby's new blue eyes. They sure will be pretty, so I suppose it's worth the wait. My husband was disappointed, but it was explained that it takes approximately 16 hours to make and paint one eye! Wow! His occularist is an amazing artist, but 16 hours?! The new eyes will go nicely with his gray hair, though he thinks he should dye his hair goldenrod to go with his blue eyes (a true Michigan fan!).

Thanks for everything, the pity-party's over now. It's time for me to join back into the support mode.



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    Sounds like you my friend,
    Sounds like you my friend, had a very long day.. glad your home.. and I guess have some pretty blue eyes to look at will be worth the wait... Glad to hear your in better spirits!

    Hugs, Love & Friendship

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    Yes, it sounds like....
    It does sound like a long and tiring time. But wow, hubby gets new blue eyes! How wonderful! Boy, if it takes 16 hours to do one eye, I'll bet they will be spectacular!

    Pffftttt, I have a daily pity party! Two days is nothing...lol! Very glad that you're feeling better!

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    Worth the wait...
    I'm sure it will be worth the wait!! I don't know where you find the energy to muster a long day like that!! I would have collasped half way through. DMC, you are an inspiration to me! Boy, I am too young to be this out of shape!! :) Pammy