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If I make it to the weekend, I think I realy will have accomplished something! Last week I saw my plastic surgeon for the follow-up to having the expanders out and implants in. It's been 2 months but truth be told I haven't been satisfied. The good news is my feelings were validated by the surgeon and it looks like they need to be redone. I have quite a bit of rippling, my radiated side is being quite stubborn but he thinks perhaps a larger implant will help. larger is fine by me, as I'm very small now. Looks like back to the drawing board in another couple of months. I'm really feeling down and yucky. Today is my husband's 50th birthday. Gotta wonder what he thought his life would be like now as this past year has been a struggle. Tomorrow, my son graduates high school and no matter what he does from here I just keep telling him how proud I am of him as he also hasn't had an easy year. Thursday it will be 1 year ago that I had my bilat mastectomy. Saturday, my goddaughter gets married. How is it possible to feel so grateful for so many things yet still not feel happy. I know the sun is shining and I'll keep looking up. Any one else have the implant issues? How did you spend your survivor anniversary? I hate roller coasters.



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    Dawn, I do not know what

    I do not know what you are going through but I'm sure many of our surviving sister do... and they will be here to help you though it.

    In the mean time, know that I am sending you lots and lots of "happy" thoughts... I'm sure the anniversary is a two edged sword... hang in their.

    By the way, congratulations on the up coming graduation of your son, and marriage of your goddaughter.. what a blessing those events are!


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    Hi Dawn........
    I'm sorry that you will have to be starting over. Not fun.
    A week of happy things going on though.....

    I am 55 yrs. old and I just came through almost a year of treatments since my dx. I wear a prosthesis simply because I just couldn't face any more surgery. My hair is just growing in, and my fingernails are just starting to almost look normal again. Yay!

    I also wondered what my husband thought of what we had become. He is 57.

    Then my hubby unexpectedly needed his open heart surgery just under three weeks ago. Finally got him home and after a week, he developed a blood clot. He is back in the hospital, and there were a couple of days early on that I, and the doctors truly feared for his life.

    When I was visiting with him a couple of days ago, I said to him....."just look at the two of us". "Can you believe what our lives have become?"
    We were always on the go. We were eager to wake up every morning and go about our business. We were "normal".
    Now, our lives revolve around our health. or lack thereof, and almost everything that we do together is related to that.
    I never in a million years thought that all of our years together would boil down to what it is now.
    I hope and I pray that at some point, we can both be well again and we can go on for many more years together, with more on our minds than tests and doctor's appts.

    In spite of everything, there are many days when I do feel happy. And then there are days like the one you are having. I guess all any of us can do is go on and hope that the happy days outweigh the bad ones.


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    Wish the reconstuction

    Wish the reconstuction was going easier for you. My plastic surgeon told me when he puts my implants in he will probably put in a larger one on the radiated side so hopefully that helps you when he does. Did not have an anniversry to celabrate yet but will be having a "port party" when this thing is out next April if all goes as planned. Also I think I will have some close friends over for a dinner to celebrate finishing chemo last week.
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    Daw, so sorry about the implant issue
    I cannot help, going to another reconstruct doc soon for a consult. But the good news is that you and your family are thriving! Tell hubby to look for those AARP letters in the mail, they know when you turn 50. Keep us up to date on how it all works out.
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    so sorry dawn
    dawn, i am so sorry that you are in such pain and now have to relive this all over again.
    I didn't choose the mascetomy. I chose to keep my breasts hopefully was the right decision.

    May god bless you and keep you

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    jgridley said:

    so sorry dawn
    dawn, i am so sorry that you are in such pain and now have to relive this all over again.
    I didn't choose the mascetomy. I chose to keep my breasts hopefully was the right decision.

    May god bless you and keep you


    I also am so sorry Dawn.
    I also am so sorry Dawn. You have already been thru so much. I had a lumpectomy, so, I have no idea of what you are dealing with, but, I know it must be very, very hard.

    I will pray for you and please update us.

    Hugs, Kylez
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    I just want to say how sorry
    I just want to say how sorry I am too Dawn that you had this happen. I didn't have implants, as, I had a lumpectomy. And, my 1 year anniversary is a long ways off. I just am so sorry. Hopefully, someone here can help you. Good luck!