Calling Loves9kidz******Loves9kids*******

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I am hoping that you get on and see this.. I haven't seen you post almost since you'd jointed.. and after all you are part of the May 20th, threesome..., you, me.. & akiss4me (aka Pammy)...

I know your surgery is tomorrow and I just wanted to let you know that some of us are thinking about you... are curious to here from you... would like to know that your okay.

Besides.. the three of us need to compare notes on facilities... hottie doctors?? Massages??? double gowns (so you have a robe)...?? All the things Pammy got.. I was cheated... lol ..

All kidding aside, if you happen to jump on here... please ... please ... let us know how you are!!! (You only get to use 9 kids excuse for 4 days worth of absents.)

Hope to hear from you really soon... and pray that you are doing well..