What is the next test for CML?

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I was disgnosed with CML on March 2008 and this year I have done my FISH test and it showed Negative.

So my doctor has advised me to go for another test which is bit more sensitive.

Do you know the name of the test?

Thank you


  • Oscar0914
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    CML tests
    The test your doctor is talking about is a PCR(polymerase chain reaction) This test can detect one CML cell in over a million. It is done with a blood draw.
    Are you being seen by a CML specialist as your doctor should have told you what this test was. Have you also had a bone marrow biopsy/bone marrow aspirate ?
    The standard protocol for these tests are to have them done every 3 months or so with regular blood work done monthly in between.
    If you have any other questions feel free to ask away.
    Chuck, aka Oscar0914