Mom's Oncology Visit Today

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I took my mom to the oncologist today. It was a bit more hopeful today. He even aplologized for me feeling so upset last week. No blood draw today but she did receive Procrit. He feels if her bone marrow recovers she may resume chemo in small doses. The carbo may have to be discontinued but the Taxol can be resumed in adjusted doses. She still will need to see the gyn-oncologist again, hopefully next week. I know this is an attack on her system, she's 78. Aside from the effects on her blood, she has handled the chemo very well. At least I came out of the visit with a bit more hope! Thanks again.


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    ((((Leslie)))) Treatment can be so hard on the elderly.
    It sounds like they'll go slower with your mom and work with her. That's really good! BIG HUGS!

    I'm off to an outdoor 'Celebrate Life' picnic at the oncology department. Hope the weather clears up. :D