Husband just got results from ct scan - fabulous

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Just wanted to share with everyone out there that we got the results from my husband's first ct scan since he completed inductive chemo and imrt radiation. The radiation oncologist said there was no evidence of residual tumor and it looked fabulous. He returned to work this week after being off for 6 months. He's taking it easy only working about 28 to 32 hours for the first couple of weeks. Thank you all for your prayers, concerns and continued prayers. And a special thanks to soccerfreaks when I first joined and was concerned about the carboplatin 1/week during radiation. Your reply was so helpful and loved your sense of humor! Turned out he just had two because it messed too much with the platets and the radiation was the main thing, but his oncologist wasn't too concerned with the carbo since the radiation was the main thing; but he completed the 35 radiation treatments and is now beginning to get some taste back. Now we just both have to quit that nasty habit of smoking. He's done much better than me, but we both know we've been given a gift and certainly don't want to blow it. If any of you out there have any suggestions we'd love to hear them. Thanks again.


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    Congrats to you both! What
    Congrats to you both! What an awesome time!
    My husband also had a CT scan today and they said the original base of tongue tumor is gone (which we knew from the last test) but there's still a mass on his neck that we're not sure of what it is.

    You MUST quit that nasty habit! I know that before this ordeal I would maybe enjoy a smoke once in a great while but after what we just went thru I've been cured!

    All the best!
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    Outstanding news, Jan! Thank YOU for providing us with this great news.

    Best wishes for the future, the chances for which would be decidedly improved if you two can quit smoking. I wish that I had some magic charm that could help you in that regard. The only thing that really worked for me was having half of my tongue replaced, and I do not recommend that, except as a last resort :) (although, it DOES work!).

    I empathize: despite all that has occurred, the smell of smoke, if far enough away, is STILL seductive, incredibly enough. One thing I do mentally to help me refrain is to remember that every time I smoke a cigarette, I am paying some immoral company, PAYING THEM, to kill me, and, in the meantime, to put me through all that I have been through. Considered in that light, it is easy enough to put away the next one.

    Good luck with that...I fervently hope you can find SOMETHING that will work!

    Take care,