gastroparesis from cysplatin

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My husband just completed 4 rounds of chemotherapy(cysplatin) which was given once a week "intra-arterial" to the base of the tongue tumor site. He got a g-tube placed before the treatments. His whole digestive system seems to have shut down--not wanting to move food along at all. After much uncontrolled vomting, we then converted the g-tube to a j-tube, but still no success. He has now been put on TPN--all nutrition through an IV via a pick line.

Anyone out there experience such digestive issues?




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    My father seems to have had this blockage prior to coming into the hospital. I'm not sure he even had a blockage before, but they did a CT scan to find out. They claimed it was a blockage and that does of Cysplatin would possibly knock it out. It's two weeks later, he had lost his hearing, he's incoherent, and he still has no movement in his gastro-track. He also has bed sores and he doesn't want anymore chemo. We have a meeting tomorrow with the Oncologist who I think will tell us that there is nothing more they can do.