when someone in the house is sick

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Hi Again,
Question... what does everyone do when someone in the house has a nasty virus? Our 14 year old is vomiting and aching and obviously has a bug. **** is at chemo right now. We live in a small house. Do people just wash hands carefully? Does wearing a mask in the house sound right? Should both of them wear a mask? And, what about me? I am taking care of the 14 year old and will be helping **** with meals etc.... Add to that our 12 year old has a suppressed immune system. Ahgg....
Thanks for any tips.


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    Hand washing is good but
    Hand washing is good but Lysol is even better. The spray and the wipes. Changing sheets and wiping surfaces every day should help. Me and my son had colds while my husband was on radiation. We even slept in seperate beds so I wouldn't cough on him and he didn't even get a sniffle. You might also want to up his vitamin C as well.

    HTH, Tonia
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    Set up a Tent?
    Sorry, couldn't resist the stupid comment.
    To be honest, I think that I have maybe had 2-3 colds over the 5 years I've been on chemo.
    No germs seem to be able to live inside of me.
    I suppose a mask could help. Hopefully others will have something constructive to add.
    I hope everyone feels beter
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    Good luck
    Hey Kathleen,
    We had the same thing happen 2 weeks ago --last week of school, 10 years old birthday, treatment #9 for Jerry. My 4 year old got it first, then my 12 year old me as well then my 10 year old got it, the next day Jerry had chemo(he's on Folfiri now), by the time the pump came off the nausea was worse than normal and stayed that way for 5 days. He had to take compazine every day plus prilosec to control acid and immodium but he made it through. It wasn't fun though at all. He only has 3 treatments left and just wants to be finished. As for tips hand washing a lot, hand sanitizer, keep the meals light and easy for everyone. I know when mine are sick with a stomach bug I try not to have them eat too much too soon, what they need is a cool washcloth on the forehead enough fluid as they can handle and rest. Good luck hope everyone feels better soon.