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Just got results on Friday. Clarks' stage III. Question is, I have been referred from my doc to a ENT, because of the location (near the back of my neck. I have looked into this ENT and looks like he does deal with neck and throat cancer patients. My question is should I just go with this ENT my doctor recommends or should I research around. I live fairly close to Roger Maris cancer center in Fargo or further but still in MN is Mayo Clinic. I did not know if I should request that I go to either one of those places since they are just cancer centers specialist. Or stay with doctor recommendation. Also, I want the surgery soon, so if I have to wait to get into a cancer center is that worth it? Please give me some guideance I have no one that has experience with this in the area.


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    Find the best
    Dear PLJ,
    I started with a local oncologist when I was diagnosed with mucosal melanoma; he wasted precious time just treating with standard care. It is my opinion that you find a good cancer center (mayo) or a teaching hospital near you. You want the best, most advanced care you can get right out of the box.
    Best of luck to you,
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    I to had clarks level 111 after i had my eye removed last December. Followed up with oncologist right away and set up game plan . Thats important. I had one spot on my trunk that was .7mm and had to have it cut out at the 1cm margin. Later on I found out the one my shoulder thet they suspected was cancer turned out to .9mm. I just had surgery fri. to have it taken out at 1cm margin.I also had a node biopsy, came back negative.If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I thank god every day for extra time to spend with my family. This my first time i've wrote on this website but i'm on it everyday and praying .I want you to know that we are praying for u and your husband. 1 peter 5:7. god bless
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    Hello missy...

    I had to respond... first of all... YOU are amazing!!

    Have you called the 1-800-ACS-2345 yet? The cancer specialists
    will be so very helpful and can also send you a hard copy of information
    of the information that they are able to find. And let me tell you from
    experience, they are there 24/7 and sent me materials right away.

    Do you have a support system? A friend or someone in your family that can really
    LISTEN to you? I think that is key... mostly... we need to vent and talk about stuff.

    You are the patient. Please go to someone you feel that is the best qualified.
    Not sure what insurance you have, but do not settle. Go to where you feel comfortable.
    Get all the best information and treatment that you so deserve!

    If you are needing someone to talk to... I am always available...

    You are not alone.... there are millions of survivors here, who can prove to you....

    "Don't stop believing....." or "I had it, I fought it... I am surviving it!!"
    We may have cancer... but cancer does not have me!!