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Thanks to all of you for your kind words, and awesome attitudes. I am finding that it is so comforting to find people that know exactly what I am going through. My friends and family are wonderful but they just don't know what I am going through emotionally. I start my chemo on the 16th and am feeling very anxious about that. I know that going in with a positive attitude is great, but the how will it effect me question plagues my every thought. I am hoping for the best as the side effects they explained sound horendous. I will be on Folfox and avastan and they have said 8 cycles not sure what cycles mean. I was in such a fog when I was there, and I still have so many questions for him. He does seem very optimistic and they all are christians so that it comforting. Any advice at all would be appreciated regarding the chemo. I am thankful for my brother to find this website and I look forward to talking with you all regularly. Thanks to all of you and God Bless, Patti


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    Hi Patti!!
    I'm glad you came here to talk to us. I came here like a frightened little bunny like you, not knowing what to expect, chemo was a very scary word to me, and not knowing what to expect made it worse. I watched too much TV and heard horror stories about it all, but all that's out of date as well. I remember watching "Dying Young" with Julia Roberts about a week before I was about to start chemo, and cried my eyes out, the way that poor guy would run to the bathroom and puke violently each time, cussing and yelling, I was afraid it was going to be like that, but lo and behold, that was the early 90's and chemo is NOT like that anymore! I thought it be alot worse, and it used to be, but it's come a long way now, and the medicines and treatments are so much better now.

    Are you getting a port put in? I have a port above my right breast, under my collarbone there pretty much which is used to take blood from and administer drugs, it's a double line, I was put to sleep when I got it, and it's about the size of a quarter, and I am very glad I got it, this will save your arms and veins from being bruised and hurt!

    I actually get very confused about cycles myself...I have to do 12 treatments of Folfiri and Avastin, and will be doing my 6th tomorrow, but does that mean it's my 6th treatment, or 6th cycle, I'm sure someone will come and answer that for you, I really don't understand that myself.

    What they'll do first is, hopefully you would have something to eat before you go, the anti-nausea meds work better if you have something in your belly. Well, that's what my chemo nurses told me.. they won't give me the meds unless I eat something that they will prepare for me.

    They will then administer whatever the Avastin, which I get first, and it takes 30 minutes, well, for me anyway. After that's up, then 2 bags come, which is the Irinotecan, and the 5fu I believe, which takes about 2 1/2 hours. I am usually in a hospital room, and can watch TV, listen to some music, but usually read while this is going on, when I'm not taking constant bathroom trips...I tell ya, what goes in, definitely comes out, pretty quick! lol...

    After my bags are done, the Home Health dude comes in to hook my 5fu to a pump that I have to wear for 46 hours, which comes home in a fanny pack with me, and then on Friday, (I go every other Wednesday) the home health nurse will come to take my vitals, and disconnect me, and that's it! all done! while connected, you may have night sweats, fatigue, but do try to eat and drink when you can! I started getting mouth sores just now, after my 5th treatment, so maybe ask for miracle mouthwash for that. Also, Ativans help relax me and help me sleep.

    I will then feel wiped out the day after for a few days, don't worry about feeling like a zombie after it, you WILL bounce back to your old self, and will have your good days back, just rest, take it easy, stay in bed, I have my kids play some board games with me and cards when I don't have the energy to do much, but I hate that groggy feeling it gives me where I feel useless, but that will pass!

    Make sure you stay hydrated!!! drink lots of water! the more you drink, the more faster you will flush that chemo out of your system, and don't worry, you'll be fine, if I can do this, you can, I was just as scared as you, and sometimes still am, but I am determined to beat the crap out of this thing! there is always hope! we are in this together!

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    Same treatment.

    I looks like were getting the same treatment. BTW 1 Cycle = 2 infusions, so 8 cycles should be 16 infusions. They will probably want to put a port in first. I had my port pun in at 8:30 in the morning and had my first chemo infusion at 10:00 AM the same morning. It's a very good thing that you like your onc, nurses and everyone involved. It makes going there a little bit easier. Your first treatment should go good. I had no trouble at all. The worst thing was draging around the pump for two days. You get used to that also. I have my 7th of 12 infusions tomorrow, so I'm starting on the second half. Keep your chin up and stay positive. All will be well. God bless you.