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Is anyone taking lamisil. I started taking it last Thursday and find that I am extremely tired. My chemo is taxol and also taking avastan. I was given the lamisil prescription cause some of my fingerails are discolored, some with black and/ or a milky color. The nails do not look like a true fungus infection. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with the drug.

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    Hi Carol...........
    I am not taking Lamisol, but my fingernails and also toenails got "funky" while I was on chemo. I was on Abraxane, which is a close cousin of Taxol. And that's when my nails got funny. In fact, I had a couple of nails come off.

    Are you sure that the fatigue isn't coming from the chemo itself? Are they checking your white count regularly? That would be my guess because Lamisil is just an anti-fungal, and I don't think it would make you tired.