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I've read some posts on lymphedema (sp?) ... and I guess I still don't quite understand what it is. I know when I see my oncologist he always feels my ankles, knees etc. so I assume he's looking for swelling ... or something.

Anyway ... yesterday I happened to look down at both legs/feet when they were together ... and my left ankle is quite swollen. The thing is ... a couple of years ago I broke that ankle which required surgery ... so I have a plate and 7 screws in there. There hasn't been any pain in the area ... EXCEPT ... the past few days my left calf has felt a bit crampy and it often takes a few minutes to get the crampiness worked out. Also ... a couple of weeks ago I was feeling tired, congested etc. and the oncologist ordered a chest xray ... so ... now I'm on antibiotics for pneumonia.

Sooooo .... back to my swollen ankle. Should I be concerned ... and if so ... I don't know whether it could be related to the antiobiotics ... the plate/screws in my ankle ... or if it might have something to do with my chemo ... (I completed the last of my 12 weeks "visits" a couple of weeks ago ... taxol/herceptin).

I know some/all of you are going to tell me to talk to the doctor ... but I don't know if it's related to oncology (chemo), antibiotics for pneumonia ... or an orthopedic situation due to the plate and screw.



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    And that is why you should
    And that is why you should call your doctor... I would start with your onco doctor.. though chemo is not part of my treatment plan at this point, and I don't have experience personally, I can tell you that pneumonia will not cause your feet to swell.. but I do remember my brother having chemo and his feet swelling... so just for peace of mind call the doctor!

    Love, hugs and prayers...


    PS... did I tell you I have two sisters with that name... (yes two) one spelled Teena and one spelled Tina... Great name!
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    Swollen Ankle
    Teena, I am sorry to hear that you are having this swelling. As far as who to call, I always check with oncology first if there is any question. I've done that a couple of times, and been referred to m PCP. I figure it is safer to check with onc and risk a little annoyance from the nurse or whoever.

    I hope the swelling is down now. Please keep us updated.
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    I checked with my
    I checked with my oncologist first also because I was sure the treatment was causing everything. When he'd tell me to see my PCP I'd get aggravated but I'd trudge off.