Periods, Ladies?

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Hello to all here. My name is Sarah, and I was first diagnosed with ALL in 2004, relapsing in 2007.

I was wondering if any childhood cancer survivors had, or rather didn't have their periods start until later on? I am asking this simply because I'm one of the only girls my age without one. Not that I'm particularly interested, but I'm just nervous that the chemo I was on really screwed me up. My doctor's talking about visiting a specialist later this year if it hasn't shown yet.

So I was wondering, is it possible to -not- ever get your period after childhood chemo/radiation treatments?



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    Hey Sarah! I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma, a type of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, when I was 11. I was mostly treated with heavy doses of chemotherapy for 4 months and then it went away. When my period didn't come when I was 15, I was put on a drug to 'jump start' my period. It finally came shortly after that. I was then taken off the drug after a couple months or so to see if it will come by itself, which it eventually did. It was sporatic however; it would come each month for 3 months and then maybe it would skip the 4th month and then I would get it for the 5th and 6th month and then it would skip a month again. After a year or two of sporadic period comings, it became pretty consistent. So my advice to you is to be patient!

    I'm not sure if you could never get your period. I would say to discuss everything with your doctor to find some solid answers. I hope everything works our for you, and remember that you have a strong soul!

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    for the love of periods
    Hi! i'm 21, cancer free for 8 years! yay! When my endocrynonogist told me i'd never have kids at 16 (or a period), I never saw a doctor since. Now i've had 2 periods in the last year and have lots of questions. But now i'm taking a more natural approach to medecine. I'm trying to get pregnant, and wondering if it is even possible. Have you learned anything of use?