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Another question for you all... my mom is on FEMARA and the doc seems to think this will work, but I am wondering about natural remedies. Is there certain things I need to make sure she eats/does not eat? I was researching on the internet and found some site that said if you have Stage IV breast cancer and you use these 20+ pills a day, you could be "cured." I know that is probably not going to happen, but I thought if there was some vitamin or foods that we could get mom on.

We are increasing her calcium intake, since it is in the bones....

Again thank you for your support. I am feeling much better today. My mom plays such mental games with herself, so I have told her that research shows her life span should be 10-15 years.... Hopefully this will help her mentally get into gear. She said she felt better today, of course we have only had the diagnosis for 2 days.

BTW--She is in the KC area as well--I forgot to mention that. I WISH I could find a cancer support group that she could join and go knitting or crocheting. She loves that. I will keep researching.



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    be careful
    There are some things you can do that can support treatments, but there are also some things that can interfere with chemo. Be careful and always check with your Dr., or folks you trust. Definitely making sure she has a healthy diet..ask the Dr., ask the Dr....

    best wishes, seof
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    Hi Kathy, so sorry to hear
    Hi Kathy, so sorry to hear about your mom but she is very lucky to have a caring daughter like you. There are so many "cures" on the internet but so little "real" research. And actually some are quite harmful for those with breast cancer even though they are touted by "Doctors". However for her diet I think if she just eats "healthy" that would be a good start. I don't know of anyone who cured themselves through diet but eating the right foods (and we all know what they are don't we?????)LOL will help keep her healthy enough to help her in her fight. I would also suggest getting her Vit D status checked as its been found to frequently be low and is essential for her bones. Call CSN and see if they can recommend a support group in your area or check with your local cancer clinic.

    Your mother may very well live for another 10-15 yrs with today's medicine. There are women here and on other forums that have been stage iv for years. Good luck to you Kathy. Come back and let us know how mom is doing or if you have any other questions.

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    ALWAYS check with your
    ALWAYS check with your oncologist BEFORE you take anything. You could be doing more damage than good! And, just call the local hospitals. Almost every one of them has a cancer support group. Luck!