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Now I am concerned. I kept getting the feeling from my surgeon and then oncologist that my cancer was not all that bad. I have stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a clean mammo in Sept 2008, but felt the lump in Feb. 2009. I thought it was a breast cyst returned that I had back in 1994, it hurt and was rounded, nothing like what I had been told cancer was like. I really didn't do anything about it until Spring Break, (I work at a high school) and then made an appointment to see my GYN. He sent me the next day for a mammo and ultrasound and after those findings, sent me the next week to see a surgeon. The tumor was 2 cin. on that Friday and over 3 cin. the following Wed. when it was remove in a lumpectomy. I had 10 nodes removed and 2 sentinal nodes had cancer.

I saw my oncologist for the first time last Friday. He told me it was triple negative cancer and that we were not just going to treat it we were going to cure it. I start chemo next Friday, 8 treatments over 3 months and the 6 weeks of daily radiation. He really did not seem concerned! Everything I am reading here does not make me all warm and fuzzy feeling. Am I being over sensitive??


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    I think everybody is overly
    I think everybody is overly sensitive when it comes to cancer in their bodies. There is always somebody worse off but when it's in you than that is personal. We have several ladies that are triple negative on the board. Maybe one of them can give you more info. Hang in there.
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    No extra reason to be afraid. Really.
    Ksstizme, my beloved Moopy is a so-called "triple negative" as well. She's a bit busy right now with all sorts of stuff, but here is a a little beginner's guide I wrote about "triple negative" breast cancer a couple months ago.

    I hope it helps some. The bottom line is that "triple negative" status sounds a whole lot worse than it really is. And you will do just fine!

    Best wishes, and God Bless!

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    Cancer IS Scary, no doubt about it...
    So, I don't think you're being "over sensitive" at all.

    Remember that we're ALL survivors here. Your impression that your doctor "did not seem concerned" could also quite possibly be interpreted as he's very confident that your upcoming treatments will bring you to NED (no evidence of disease) status. I share this with you, Ksstizme, because my own onc is very "businesslike" - not usually seeming "concerned"... Took me a while to figure him out!

    I had 15 nodes removed total (breast & underarm), 7 were cancerous. Almost six years ago... :-)

    My onc continues to reassure me that we - he and I - will grow old together.

    Best wishes to you.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    No, you aren't being over
    No, you aren't being over sensitive. We have cancer and have been thru the most deadly disease known anymore, in my opinion. It is a hard fight too, there is nothing easy about it. Unfortunately, some doctors seem to have no bedside manners and do not have the caring, kind personality that should be required with a cancer patient.

    Good luck with your chemo Ksstizme!