much better today.

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hello friends,

great news!! i went to get another opinion today and also changed the place where i'll be having my treatments. i walked out feeling so much more confident in my plan. im starting AC on the 8th, can anyone tell me is it much more different than the tax and carbo as far as side affects? i have plenty of nausea meds and pain meds just in case. I have an ultrasound for monday and depending on the results i may have a surgery date soon.


  • Aortus
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    Sometimes getting a second opinion pays really big dividends - and in your case it obviously did! You are clearly not the passive little sort who sits around and says "whatever" - not that there's any of that around here anyway - which will be a big support down the line. Best of luck with your new plan, and please keep everyone up to date with how it goes!
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    Good for You!
    Labtech, I am so proud of you. You took ownership of your own care and made the best choice for you. A great way to start your treatment journey.

    I had all three drugs together--TAC-so I really can't differentiate among them and their side effects. Many others have received AC and T separately, so you will, I am sure, be getting lots of helpful responses.

    Keep us updated on the ultrasound. My best to you.
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    Yes, this is good news!
    No, GREAT news - as you stated! Confidence in your own medical care is half the battle. My own chemo was like Moopy's - so, hopefully, others will step forward to help and answer your questions.

    Best wishes to you, labtech, for the best possible results.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    What wonderful news labtech!
    It is very important that you feel confident about your treatment and that you have confidence in your team of doctors. I didn't have chemo so I can't help you out there, but, I wanted to say WTG in taking charge of your treatment. I am sure others will share with you their personal experiences with the chemo. We are here for you, anytime day or night!