Newly diagnosed

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My husband was a 45 year old man very healthy hadn't been sick in 20 years never been to a doctor and worked anywhere from 45 to 50 hours a week, worked outside when he was off from sun up to sundown, and a very impatient man. When we got the news that he had cancer we were devasted we never expected that, for this man to be a very impatient person he has done exactly what the doctor has told him to do, he dfsaid you only have stage II cancer, not in lymph nodes and cureable, and then gave us some options, my husband said lets do it and since then he has been very good about the doctor appts, listening to what he is supposed to do and all. The following paragraph explains what has happened since we were told about cancer:

My husband was diagnosed with esphogeal cancer on April 1, had no symptoms whatsoever other than he couldn't swallow well, went to doctor ran some test those came out negative went to a specialist and found out he had esphogeal cancer, went to the cancer doctor and found out he has stage II cancer operable and curable, Thank goodness, we have went through 2 rounds of chemo the 1st one was a breeze we didn't get nauseated or diahrea the only thing he got was mouth sores, that one was great, then we had the 2nd round of chemo and it has been hell since then he developed mouth sores, throat sores, irratiability hateful, cant eat taking meds, to heal it. His chemo consists of sitting in the clinic for 5 hours and then wearing it home for 5 days he has very strong chemo.

For me this has been very hard, I never thought this would happen to us, we had only been married 2 1/2 years and our 3rd marriage for both of us, the way he has cried, broke down, screamed not able to work, lost his hair, came down 2 sizes, some days I don't think I can get through it and then things start getting a little better and i take another step down the road. I have no family but a sister to cry on and a friend suggest to maybe i can find someone on line to chat with and etc.

Please share some thoughts with me.