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i just had my cystoscope today (never again had to be the most painful thing and i had breast surgery while awake and that was nothing comepared to this)dr said bladder looked good but he showed me an area that had a frond looking thing he said it was nothing probly caused by a previous infection, which i had none that i was aware of. he is going to remove it and cauterize area. i went home and lookd on computer all i cld find was it might be a low grade cancer. i had a ct scan 1st which showd nothing. has anyone else been diagnosed w/ b cancer and had similar lesion? kim


  • Dear serenapal,
    You may

    Dear serenapal,

    You may want to use keywords on our serch field to locate others going through a similar experience. In addition, we encourage you to contact your American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345. We have cancer information specialists available around the clock.

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