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Matty S
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I’m 48 and was diagnosed with breast cancer this last March. By the end of March, I had the operation. Thank god, it was only one centimeter and grade one and estrogen positive.
I’m getting ready for my radiology treatment, and I’m debating taking Tamoxifen. I have been reading about its side effects.
I wander if lowering the estrogen levels does affect the growth cancer cells that are estrogen positive in the rest of the body as well as in the breast?

Thanks and Good luck.


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    side effects
    I've been on Tamoxifen for a month now--no side effects at all.

    Many people have no problems at all. I certainly think the medicine is worth a try. If you do have any of the side effects, that's when you can evaluate if you want to continue.

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    Welcome, Matty S - though sorry for the reason you're here...

    I took Tamoxifen, following completion of radiation treatment, for 2 years (then, switched to Arimidex - 3+ years now, and still counting). No side effects whatsoever from the Tamoxifen. In layman's terms, Tamoxifen acts as a "blocker" between estrogen and cancer cells. There are potential side effects and risks with every medication - even over-the-counter products like aspirin. It's all about weighing those risks. Do you know your own risk of recurrence level with and without the Tamoxifen? If you don't, I suggest you ask your oncologist about it. This information might make your decision easier.

    Best wishes to you.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    Hi Matty, sorry you have met
    Hi Matty, sorry you have met the beast but glad you are early stage. I think most women do OK with Tamoxifen. It is definitely worth a try. You ask a good question and perhaps our Dr. Susan will jump in and answer with more accuracy than I can, but Tamoxifen is actually pro-estrogen in the uterus and your lipid profile. It is also seems to have a pro estrogen effect on the bones in the sense that it encourages bone formation but it is also used for bone mets so I don't think it is pro estrogen in the same sense as for the uterus. It interferes with estrogen on all other sites.
    Hope this helps