skin cancer and now blood inside nose

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Three years ago I was told I had stage 3 bladder cancer. It was declared a stage 3 with the highest level with this pathologist was a stage 3. I could not have surgery due to other medical problems. A year later, I had a slice taken off my nose on the left side, which turned out to be cancer. I didn't worry about it since the bladder cancer was much worse. A year ago I started using oxygen 24 hours a day. Around that same time, my nose started to constantly run; both sides, but mostly the side the cancer had been on. Then whenever I blew my nose there would be blood on the tissue. I thought all of this was due to using oxygen and my nose being sore. Now, when I blow my nose there are blood clots coming from the left side of my nose. I am wondering if the skin cancer that I was supposed to follow up with and never did, has now spread to the inside of my nose ? Is that possible ? I can't seem to find any information stating those two symptoms, but having no other symptom except for the blood clots coming from that side.


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    I don't know if the clots are cancer-related but, I wouldn't wait to find out. Go see your original doc who took the cancer off your nose. It is always important to follow up, especially when you have a cancer diagnosis; this stuff spreads too fast to ignore.
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