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My neighbor just had ihs catheter out yesterday. He's 72 and had robotic removal of prostate.
He seems to be doing fine physicaly but is really wet. I know I have been really lucky with my outcome (7 months) no incontenance and a slowly recocovering sexual function. My question is how can I help him with his recovery. Is there any good literature that I can get for him on this topic? I'm going to try to get him on this site but don't expect that that will happen.


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    follow all the suggestions on this board
    especially the Kegel exercises. my leakage stopped after 3 months. went from 2-3 pads a day to 1-2 then one and now one. he doesnt have access to a computer? missing out on a lot of information then.
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    Tell your neighbor that it will get better. But to begin with he needs a truck load of your basic Depends. The are on the bulky side but 100% leakproof. When he regains some continence he can graduate to Attends briefs. A copy of "MAN TO MAN" Surviving Prostate Cancer by Michael Korda free from the library or $12 on Amazon could prove very helpful if he's reticent to join CSN. Keep us posted & good luck to him.
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