What stage is this likely to be?

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Hello all,

I am new here, and from the UK. I am desperately worried about my Grandfather, who is 78. My dear Grandmother died from breast cancer in November and now her husband has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

The problem is, he is very protective of all of us, and is trying to take the weight of it by himself. We did not find out how serious my grandmother's condition was until just a few days before her death, which was very difficult. I for one would have appreciated the chance to say goodbye.

He went to hospital last week to have his bladder examined and I know they used liquid chemotherapy in his bladder after the surgery. From what I have been readying, this would seem to suggest that his cancer is at an early stage.

However, he looks awful. He is losing weight at the rate of 1lb a day, has no energy and finds it a struggle to eat anything at all. By the time my grandmother got to this, her cancer was already terminal.

Please can someone tell me straight what they think? I would really really appreciate it.

Many thanks,



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    What Stage?
    Angelina, That really isn't a question that anyone other than your father's Dr can answer for you. I am being as honest as I can about it. I was first diagnosed with Papillary Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder in 1996. I have been treated with surgery, BCG & Chemo. It is important that you find out 'what' type of bladder cancer your father has and the Dr is the best to have that conversation with. If your father doesn't want that information shared...we do have to respect our family member's dignity. CynthiaA