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Hi, I am wondering if anyone has heard of Exemestane. I was asked to be in a clinical trial for premenopausal women. There are 3 arms to the study. Arm A - the women are given Tamoxifen for 5 years.
Arm B-Tamoxifen for 5 years plus ovarian suppression injections monthy
Arm C-Exemestane for 5 years plus ovarian suppression injections monthy
I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thank You Nancy


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    Aromatase Inhibitor
    Exemestane is also known as Aromasin. It is one of three aromatase inhibitors normally given to post-menopausal women for a period of five years after completing breast cancer treatments. AI's work differently than Tamoxifen (sp) in surpressing estrogen in women whose tumors were estrogren positive. I was switched to Aromasin after having some side effect problems with Arimidex. So far, the Aromosin seems to be agreeing with me. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Hugs, Marilynn
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    Nancy, all I know about exemestane is that it appears to have really helped post-menopausal women. I would think that your onc. can provide you with information on results from earlier trials with exemestane (assuming that this is not a stage 1 trial). The researchers would have published their earlier findings. In general, I think clinical trials are good because you do get very careful monitoring. Also, you may be getting what becomes standard of care in the future.

    I also am thinking about participating in a trial,stage 2. I am getting a second opinion on the trial. If you can, you might consider that option.

    Sorry I don't have specific information for you, Mike's Sunshine. Please let us know what you find out and what you decide to do.
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    Hi Nancy, I'm on it and seem
    Hi Nancy, I'm on it and seem to be doing OK so far. Good luck to you.