I'm back

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65. Since 2003, after rapid unexplained wight loss (16 kg), I struggle my kidney cancer (RCC). May 2005 - partial nephrectomy in order to remove a 5 cm tumor. During operation - contamination under the liver(a cancer cell "ran away" probably with the "help" of an operation instrument). June 2008 - biopsy under CT (pathology: RCC) and October 2008 - radical nephrectomy, including the adrenal + the "under liver" kidney cancer tumor of 2.5 cm. Now I function with one kidney and hope to survive...As President Peres says: Optimists and pessimists are dying the same time therefore be an optimist...
Best to all of you!


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    Sorrry you're back
    You always go into that first dx thinking it's going to be the only one. Regretfully, it does come back sometimes. My first dx was at Stage 4, so I knew odds weren't fantastic. It came back each of the following two years, and I'm waiting on the CT results to find out what this year brings.
    What's the alternative. So just hang in there and keep living.