cancer metastic

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had cat and bone scan have nodule on right lung but not in bone starting chemo this week scared stiff heard of it going to bone but not lung help


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    cancer matastic
    So sorry to hear that! Will have you in my prayers.
    God bless,
    Lucky Girl
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    Don't know much yet, but

    Don't know much yet, but my husband is in similar situation. Had radical prostatectomy Feb 07; positive margins. Radiation and hormones, then off hormones for a year. PSA started creeping up, so back on hormones this spring. Routine chest xray at work showed possible lesion. Pet/CT, bone scan, biopsy all done--has adenocarcinoma of prostate origin in both lungs. No bone involvement, either. They say that's atypical... Dr recommended "observing" or possible clinical trial, not chemo. (we're not good at observing!) Said his quality of life is good, and chemo would not help that. So are waiting to see if he gets in clinical trial...somewhere. Hope the chemo is doing its thing for you.