Has anyone had radiation to the lungs?

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I am scheduled to have stereotactic radiation to the post-surgical margin of a 1.7 cm met that they removed in my right upper lobe. My surgeon did not get a wide enough margin, so radiation is being recommended to "prevent local recurrence". My radiation oncologist has told me that there are little to no side effects with this type of radiation. I am scheduled for one treatment per week for three weeks.

I was wondering if anyone has had stereotactic radiation and if so what to expect?

I am awaiting a second opinion on what post-operative therapy to follow for the hilar area of my lung where they were unable to get clean margins around a L Hilar LN. They are recommending conformal radiation to this area. I have already been told that I will lose approx. 13 to 14% more of my already reduced bone marrow function with radiation to this area because the sternum will be involved. I'm not sure if this is the best plan for me.

Has anyone had conformal radiation (5 days a week for 6 weeks) to the chest?

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    Are you having radiation post chemo? I'm just curious because I've been told to wait to see if my lung nodules respond to chemo prior to having them removed. They need a benchmark to ensure the chemo is working. I haven't had an Oncologist recommend radiation but they have recommended a "possible" lung surgery or RFA after chemo if I respond well.