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It is 2:30 in the morning, I am holding one of my 11 week old twins in shock. We were told that Hospice is the next step. Dad was hospitalized early this week, he has had many tests and the beast has taken over, he is retaining fluid in his stomach and thereis full involvement in his liver, his dr was less then kind in telling him what will be happening.

My father's wish was to live to see his grandchildren be born he did this, I have 11 week oldt twins. The next goal is to see them Christened however the date for that is June 7th, I spoke with the Hospice Dr. he thought sooner was better, my father wants me to wait until June 7th it will give him something to live for. He is so weak now I am afraid if I wait he will never see this blessed event. There is a way to make it happen this weekend, I just don't know what to do. I have been up all night questioning the Lord and searching for answers. I can't understand how this beast could go so quickly, on Apil 3rd he had an appointment with his oncologist and was doing wonderfuly on Easter Sunday he took a turn for the worse and it has been done hill ever since.

know that my prayers are with all of you


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    Williams (Bill??) advice
    I think his advice was spot on and expressed with great certainty and sensitivity for you and your father. I hope you go ahead and do as he suggested; especially the bit about having your father say something meaningful at the celebration. It will be treasured! God bless you all,