Surgery Tomorrow.... <Sigh>

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Hey Everybody,
The big day has come. I am not scared or this moment anyway. I am more anxious for a prognosis. Gosh.... I sure hope this thing has stayed inside the colon wall.... that would be the best news. We won't even discuss the worst. All I know is it will be a relief no matter what the news to finally get a game plan going. I have done the bowel clean out fun today (well, still am )... on the clear liquids... have a few more hours to eat jello and pops!!!! MMMMM! Got clearance on my cough from the doc... it was allergies. Thanks to those of you who advised I get it checked out. I don't know what I am suppose to pack for my hospital stay. A few extra panties....tooothbrush.... do I need pj's? I will post again when I get home. Please wish me luck. You all take care of yourselves........ cya soon



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    Thinking of You
    I was in surgery a month ago at this time so I empathize with you. I am praying for you that all goes well and that you heal fast. You have the easiest part of it all, you just go to sleep and you wake up and it's all over with, but then the healing begins and that is a challenge and effort but walk, walk, walk. The more you get up the better you will heal.

    I brought my jammies but never used them because it was too uncomfortable to put them on. I'm not sure what type of surgery you are doing, but I had an ileostomy and my stomach was so swollen from the surgery I couldn't wear anything I brought.

    Bring a notebook, breath strips and your own pillow. That pillow is a lot better to sleep on.

    Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you are feeling when you get back home.

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    Yayaya Jennie!!
    I'm not sure if you will see this post before you head out but you are going to do just fine!! I'm so glad to see/hear/read that you feel much calmer now. Look at the hospital experience as a very interesting place... ok, except for the food. They could definitely use a little help in that department ;)

    As for what to take... if you are having the colon resection, then you will probably be in the hospital for up to 6 days (depends on how fast your hospital wants to kick you out). The first couple of days, you won't need anything... you are going to be kind of out of it and because of the IV meds, you won't be able to concentrate on much. But for when you are a little more focused, maybe pack a bag tonight that your hubby can bring to you in a couple of days. In it, have the following:

    - hair brush, your own shampoo/conditioner, tooth brush and toothpaste... and any other toiletries that are things you use every day.

    - I brought a tub of Body Shop's Shea Butter moisturizer. For some reason, in hospitals my skin gets very dry.

    - a book to read, or magazines.

    - a traveling game board for 2. When someone comes to visit, it's fun to actually be able to do something... but you won't need it for a couple of days ;)

    - a diary/journal.... write your thoughts down every day, and any questions that pop up.

    - your own bathrobe!!

    - your slippers that have a no-slip soul (and ones that you can slip into, not ones that you have to bend over to put them on your feet.

    - a couple pair of socks. You might not have to use them, but I found my feet got really cold, even though the rest of me was warm.

    - your own pillow(s), but make sure they have coloured pillowcases so it's obvious they are NOT hospital pillows that get lost in the hospital laundry when someone is changing your bed (and you might not be in the room at the time).

    But most important... just take it a day at a time. Once it's all over, your #1 job is to pamper yourself and spend your time healing. Do not give yourself expectations. You will heal but you have to be patient and allow your body to get over the surgery.

    I look forward to when you get home and can tell us all about your hospital adventure. And don't worry about the prognosis... the prognosis is that you can handle whatever mumble jumble medical terms they throw at you :)


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    Wishing you the best
    I know you're scared. I remember how scared I was! But, truly, you'll be on your way to healing tomorrow. I wouldn't worry about pajamas. I found it was easier to just wear the airy hospital gowns. There was always somebody wanting to do something, and I had an IV the whole time, so it would have been a pain, even though my parents had brought me some new nightgowns I was wanting to wear. I did get to wear them plenty when I got home!

    Looking forward to hearing a great report from you soon.

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    Good Luck
    stay strong and my prayers will be with you..
    God Bless
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    Good Luck!
    I was there two weeks ago, so I kinda know what your going through. You will do well. God Bless and keep you spirits up...