Went for Pre-op today

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I want to pre-op for surgery May 11. I feel alot less scared. I know I am going to be alright. I want to thank everyone who helped when I asked for advice. It all helped me through. I am already to pack my stuff but don't know what to take.

Many Prayers


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    What to bring...
    Hi Jackie,
    I'm glad you feel calmer. I did too once I knew what the plan was. I hope that we/I was helpful. I would not bring too much, I've over packed before bringing a guitar once, a laptop another, a DVD player (that was a good choice) and mp3 player. Also books on tape were good. It depends on how/what you are having done but sometimes hard candies are good too to whet the whistle.
    Oh, a bathrobe is good too unless you like your butt to hang out :-)
    I'll be rooting for you on May 11th. Any questions, please ask away
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    what to take
    Hi Jackie. Like others said, don't need much. I did take my own light robe and no slip slippers. Also took notebook to write in and that had all the phone numbers I needed, with the pain meds I couldn't remember some of the numbers of people I might want to call, including my doctor in case had any problems. And a little teddy bear, great to clip my pain pump button and call button onto. Take something very loose and comfy to wear home,that won't bind against your surgery site. The hospital supplies toothbrush,paste, toiletries. I took makeup, but never used it. I got my hair cut before surgery so it would be easier to deal with, was awfully glad I did that.Slept a lot after surgery due to recovering and pain meds, so didn't need much, don't remember even watching much TV. Hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is quick.Don't take anything valuable with you, like a lot of money or jewelry.
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    Hospital packing
    Hi Jackie! I'm so glad you got your pre-op done. I always find that so tedious. Three different nurses all asking the same questions, over, and over...and over again! I always feel more relaxed after that too. My surgery is in two 1/2 days, so i need to start packing too. I will bring lots of loose jammy bottoms, warm socks, my own blanket and pillow, wee-wee pads, my portable DVD player, ipod, and pudges (my little stuffed rabbit), and Emo (my stuffed road runner), for support. I'm also going to put a Gold Canyon candle in my bag. I know i won't be able to light it, but it will still have a strong scent without being lit. I loved that last time someone brought me one and put it in my room.

    I will probably be out of the hospital on or around May 6th, and recovering at home when you go in for your surgery. Know that i will be thinking about you that whole time, and sending all the good vibes i can muster. I have a great feeling that you will do so much better after recovering from this last surgery.

    Many hugs,
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    Hey Jackie... what the others have said, I agree :) In another topic, Jennie is going in for surgery tomorrow and asked the same thing. I say, pack very light when going to the hospital, or pack a bag but don't take it... have someone bring it later when you are awake and able to use any of the stuff. No sense having your bag go missing before you get assigned to a room ;)

    You ARE going to be fine!! Next step, you'll hear us all saying, "Sloooow down! Give your body a chance to heal. We know you are feeling good, but you still need to let your body heal from the inside out :)"


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    Glad for you
    Glad you got that done, Jackie. Now let the healing commence! I wouldn't take much to the hospital, really, because your main business there should be resting and getting your strength back. That said, if I don't have enough to read, I go crazy! Can't wait to hear how marvellously you do in the surgery.