How do you PM someone

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In my profile it says that my e-mail is for ACS to contact me regarding updates or whatever and said it was private, but I see people saying "just PM me". I didn't see that option in my profile for people to send me a PM.

I must be missing something somewhere on my profile or editing. If someone could fill me in, I'd appreciate it. Just curious.



  • PhillieG
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    I just sent you an email, go to you CSN Home and you should see it
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    A PM stands for Private Message, but people use the term PM for short. Every bulletin board system usually has a Private Message function for their registered members (anyone who is posting on this board is a registered member of CSN).

    If you look up at the top right hand of the screen, you will see a link for "Home". This takes you to the Home Page. Once you are on the Home page, look in the middle of the screen. There you will see a link to your "Inbox". This is not your email Inbox, but your CSN Private Message mailbox.

    If you go into your Inbox, you will see links for creating a message, or forwarding a message, etc. The set up is like a basic mail program but you can only sent PMs to registered members of CSN.

    Hope this helps!