Should I see my ONC

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Hello everyone. I am new here, but have a question. I am a almost 6 yrs survivor. Mastecomy, Rads,chemo and Arimidex. I have been fine except for the Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy. Well the last 3 weeks my remaining brest has felt sore around the nipple/Areola area and the Areola area looks bumpy....I hate to jump to conclutions and go running to the doctors last month...and rack up a bunch of med bills that I just can not afford, but I wonder if this may be a sign that there is something wrong now with this breast.

Anyone have this happen?



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    Worth Looking Into
    Hi, mrsthrash, and welcome here. Congratulations on being a 6-year survivor. That is wonderful and an encouragement to those of us closer to diagnosis.

    As far as your breast symptoms, I haven't experienced them. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that any changes are always worth looking into. If for nothing else but your peace of mind.

    The Johns Hopkins website has a nurse who answers these sorts of questions, so you might look there. Or check with your primary care doctor if you don't want to have a bill with your oncologist. But, to me, it is something to check out, and worth a call to your oncologist. It is probably nothing, but you will feel better making sure.
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    Hello and welcome to the company of sister and brothers
    If you do a little research you might be able to find a clinic that gives free Mamograms to women, esp in big areas. This is could save you some money with just a little bit of work.
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    Hi MrsThrash
    I think you should at least call your doctor and explain the situation to them. Any sign of something different or out of the ordinary, I think, should be told to your oncologist. It could be nothing, and, I pray that is. But, just as a might call.
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    I agree...

    I agree with the advice to see your onc. As was stated, it will at least give you peace of mind.

    I had changes to my breast, but could not get anyone to take it seriously. It turned out to be cancer. I'm in no way suggesting that that is what is going on with you, but I would encourage anyone with any kind of breast change, to see a doctor.

    All my best to you,
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    Hello Mrsthrash, I agree by all means call your doctor. No one knows our bodies better than we do. Please do not minimize this as it is best to have it checked out and pay for the knowledge that it is nothing than it would be to wait and have to have more treatment than if you had discovered it earlier. I myself have had bc three times and each time it was discovered at my urging because something just wasn't right. The last time I had to go to the doctor three times insisting on more tests because I just didn't feel well. Please let us know how things go, we are here for you!

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    I understand
    I understand the hesitancy to have more medical bills, but I agree with the other ladies, to me it would be worth it for the peace of mind. Definitely check into free mamograms, maybe check with your Dr. about that, or find your local branch of the ACS and see if they can help you find less expensive ways to check it out.

    Take care of yourself, seof
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    should I see my onc?
    Hi Mrs. Thrash,
    Welcome, and I agree with the women before me. Check it out if only for peace of mind. I have fibromyalgia and lupus also. What a small world. I hope it is just a scare and not a recurrence. You will be in my thoughts. Let us know what happens!

    Love and Gentle Hugs,