Going out on a limb

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I am going to go out on a limb. Claudia extended a hand to Joggergirl. To paraphrase what some of the ladies hear have expressed and I know that I feel this way, I would rather be tricked by someone, hoaxed whatever because I trusted someone who lies than turn my back on someone who might need me because I think they might be lying. We can't know for sure that Joggergirl wrote those posts about the hospital, spreading cancer, dying and all the rest. As for the post on the young survivor site. If you read it, it says I am new to this site, but there are earlier posts from September on there. So it seems strange that she would have been so stupid as to pretend that was her first time there.
I also did some looking at the [personal info deleted by CSN staff] University site and the Relay for Life there. It was held yesterday and there is a team that has a [personal info deleted by CSN staff] on it. She is a cancer survivor and so is the chairperson of this event. Why would she have said that she hung out all day with the chairperson who is a survivor. That would easy to check. The picture of [personal info deleted by CSN staff] in this relay is a picture that was on k*******'s expression page and it looks very much like joggergirl without hair. There is an email address and phone number listed on the [deleted by CSN staff] site for a [personal info deleted by CSN staff]with her phone number and email. There is also a Lauren at the same address with the same phone number. Phones are shared in dorms. A long while back when asked about her picture, she said that was her old roommate and that she had a new roommate named Lauren that was super supportive. Why then would she use the name Melody and say it was the girl in that picture. If you remember she said they didn't work out as roommates but they were still friends and she never said her name and she never said Best Friends. I keep thinking that this is a college girl and she should be pretty intelligent. Also [personal info deleted by CSN staff] was away from this site for quite awhile and then reappeared with all this drama. I am not sure how her mother would have obtained her personal information but I think I could find out my daughter's if I tried. We really don't know if it was [personal info deleted by CSN staff] or her mother. People with mental illnesses do some bizarre things, but I keep thinking that a junior in college who did this would probably have drawn attention to themselves long before now. I realize that this could have been [personal info deleted by CSN staff] all along but some of her facts seem to be facts and based on that I will not pin this on her. If this is her mom and she is mentally ill she may have used all this, and [deleted] address to do just what is happening. To torment her daughter. Unless you have had someone in your family with serious mental health issues you cannot know what they will and can do to wreak havoc in your life. It is much like breast cancer, you have to walk the walk to know what they can do. I choose to keep {deleted] in my positive thoughts. If I am wrong, then I am out very little. My prayers are free, my kindness available to all, and my heart never filled with malice. Even if it was or is [deleted] that's okay also because it would only mean she needs my good thoughts that much more. Claudia said it best hate robs us. And I have never been able to wish harm on another. Judge not, lest ye be judged. And let him who is without sin, cast the first stone. Those of you who were and are so deeply hurt and harmed by this have every right to feel whatever way you want and you can ignore posts or read them at your discretion but I don't think we have the right to tell someone to get off this site and not come back when there if no definitive proof that that person is guilty. If it means that some are going to be more cynical that is sad but on any online site, it is perhaps best to have a little cynicism. It doesn't mean you can't give or receive advice. Or give your heart, but sometimes in life hearts do get broken. The thing is to find a way to mend that heart and move on. This is only my opinion and in no way do I mean to criticize anyone else for theirs. We each reacted in different ways to the drama and to what we think occured. And that's okay. We are entitled. And we each have an opinion about how we feel about [deleted] now and that's okay too. But my heart hurt through all that drama, it heart after, and it hurts now when I think that maybe, just maybe, she is an innocent. I prefer to extend my hand, even if I turn out to be wrong, than shun her and be wrong. I know this is so long and I know that many will not agree with me but I had to say what's in my heart.


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    What's in your Heart
    Stef, if not here, where can you say what is in your heart? You have obviously given a lot of thought to [name deleted by CSN staff] and how things may be for her. Whatever or whoever she may be, this post shows what a good person YOU are.
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    Peace and Healing

    I looked at M's Relay page, too, and nowhere did it say she was a survivor. There was a picture of two girls, one of them bald, but many people also shave their heads in support of friends with cancer. Again, I found it strange that she did not describe herself as a survivor on that page, of all places, because that would definitely be the place to shout it out.

    I don't know who was responsible for the whole painful charade, but I do hope they get help.

    I am not into punishment, retribution, and hatred. Those things simply replicate themselves, like violence. I believe in rehabilitation, compassion, love, truth,and peace as the ways to make this world a better place. (Gandhi is my hero.)

    I hope M finds happiness and peace in her life, and the same goes for whoever it was, M or not, who perpetrated the whole painful mess. But in saying that, I sincerely hope that the truth of the matter is discovered and addressed in order to get help to whomever it is that needs the help, so they will stop causing pain to innocent people.

    Now, I believe, we need to get back focusing on our own healing.

    I love you! I love everyone here!

    With love,
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    You need to understand
    that this creature could be anyone, anywhere, male or female and of any age and it could be more than one person doing it. This was a cruel hoax/scam and I am sure it was to solicit money from very caring individuals. You have no idea who someone is on the internet. You can pretend to be anyone, you can use other people's websites and say you are them, you can use your daughter's, anyones. Please don't be foolish to let this scammer/hoaxer fool you again.
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    I agree
    Beautifully put. Thanks for saying what I was thinking. Jxxxxxxxx