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My husband had a radical prostate removal at MDAnderson in Houston. He had the seminal vesticules removed also. He has made slow progress battling incontinence but is dry at night and has more control...23 diapers a day.

We are now in Tampa, Florida, and have been seeing doctors here. One radiation oncologist pressured us to have radiation immediately but my husband wanted to wait until he got further along with the incontinence.

Last two doctors thought radiation would not do any good and more hormones should be taken. He is going into an experimental study. Next Tuesday a large panel of doctors will discuss his case and treatment.

He looks good but hates the hormones which cause hot flashes.

Has anyone with a Gleason 10 had any relatively effective treatment? Bill's PSA is doubling monthly. Chemo is another suggested option.


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    PSA & Treatment
    Aloha nennic,
    This is a difficult postion for both of you. Any decisions as to treatment should be between you, Bill, and his doc's. Get second & third opinions, from different docs, urology, surgery, radiation, hopefully an oncology urologist, not pushing a specific treatment.
    For research, I suggest
    There are trained oncology counselors at cancercare at 800 numbers.
    The You Are Not Alone NOW site has many men, been there done that ....
    You should understand that PSA indication means something is wrong, which can be cancer. I did not like ADT and will not go back on it unless someother test confirms PCa exists.
    This is not a fault of our med system, there is just no simple confirming test for PCa. After DRE & PSA, the determination of PCa is analyzing biopsy samples.
    I would suggest that you both seek help from BHS, & cancercare can get you headed in the right direction.
    Faith, Hope, & Love,
    Joe 67 Hamakua Coast
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    gleason score 9
    i had radical in 05 in 07 had 39 radiation treatments still my psa keeps rising so now iam in ny at ny cornell hospital they tell me the higher the gleason the better chance for reacurrence so i start chemo in a study tomm know what your going thru you can e-mail me at jojoman12@yahoo name nick hope i can help