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My oncologist suggested I have a full body check at the dermatologist ... since I'd never had one. I had my appointment this morning and am relieved that everything is fine. All of those moles/freckles/age spots etc. etc. etc. were "normal." The interesting thing was that she noticed the dryness on my hands ... the rash on my back etc. and said it was all probably part of the chemo. I'd been treating the dryness etc. with various creams and lotions ... but she gave me a couple of prescriptions that she said should do the trick. She also gave me a prescription for some foamy stuff to put on my head to keep it from itching and burning (my head is shaved since it was thinning out all over the place). Anyway ... I can't wait to get the prescriptions filled because it will be such a relief to not itch or have my skin fall off. :-)

Of course it's also a great relief that all of my "spots" are "nothing to worry about."



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    Glad your body check came
    Glad your body check came out OK! Those are important to get!
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    I am so glad that your full body check turned out to be just fine! What prescriptions did they give you? Let us know if they work. Have a great day Teena!
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    Teena: It's a great idea to
    Teena: It's a great idea to have you skin checked by a dermatologist, especially, our generation and a few years younger, that wore no sunscreens when we were out in the sun. I also had mine checked and my dermatologist said considering our history of cancer, it was wise to have it done on a yearly basis. Glad you were able to get prescription for your itches. Let us know how they work out. Hugs, Lili