Surgeon wants to see me - New Update

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I called the surgeon's office today because I am still in so much pain when I sit. I had rectal surgery (ileostomy also) on March 26 and when I sit for longer than about 5 minutes my bottom starts to throb and hurt really bad. I'm still on pain meds and it helps but I just don't know if this is normal for so much pain after. Another surgeon I saw a week ago (my surgeon was on vacation) said that the surgery was so low and now the nerves are just now waking up and reconnecting because they all have been severed but I still can't sit long. I couldn't even sit in church for 1/2 hour this weekend. I lost it the other night and just cried because I hurt and throbbed so bad. The incision is healing nicely but no one told me that the bottom would hurt so bad. I know they took out the rectum and did reconstruction down there, but should it hurt this bad?

Anyone who has had this low rectal surgery and j-pouch reconstruction please let me know your thoughts.

God Bless! Kim

Update Tuesday: Thank you all for your responses. I just got back from the surgeon. He said unfortunately because of the extensive surgery in the rectum and abdomen area that this is normal. My nerves are trying to heal and reconnect, but also because I had radiation first and then surgery that everything down there is still so swollen. Any pressure on that area is going to cause a lot of pain.

I have used the "donut" and it doesn't help. Dr. said because when I sit that everything is dropping down onto the once "rectal area" and it will be very uncomfortable and hurt.

He said that I have quite a way to go before I start feeling some relief. That does makes me feel better knowing that it is normal and not uncommon.

He thinks I should be taking pain pills plus motrin in between. He said I could go on the treadmill if I take it easy and don't overdo it. I might try that tomorrow but I'm too sore today. I just seem to wear out easily - I know he said that is very common also.



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    I am so sorry you are in such pain
    I don't have any advice to offer as mine was colon, not rectal, but I am praying you will find relief soonest! I know I've read some other posts where people found relief using something like a boppy pillow, where it's open in the back, allowing you to sit but without actually sitting on where the surgery was. I hope the surgeon has something to offer you.
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    unknown said:

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    Hey there...
    I had the surgery March 10 and my bottom hurt to sit all the way up until this past surgery April 9. I even had to lay down the whole way to Houston in he back seat. Now I can sit and how I appreciate just sitting! I also had a bed sore on my lower right butt that made it hard to sit too. Hang in will be better soon. Just take it slow and remember your body just needs time after that surgery.
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    Prayers and Good Thoughts

    When are you seeing the surgeon? I hope it's very soon! I will be praying that you get relief from the pain very, very soon.


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    Sorry about the pain :(
    Awwww Kim, I'm sorry you are still in pain. I didn't have your kind of surgery, so I can't be of much help. Mine was in the sigmoid colon, so the surgical cut was on the stomach... which was already numb from the cut for the hysterectomy 5 years before.

    It sounds like, from all the work that was done, you would be in pain. I don't think any of us appreciate just how much we use our butt until something happens where we can't use it, such as surgery (I'm thinking that probably is true of any part of the body).

    Why don't you get your hubby or someone to go to one of those medical supply stores (there is usually one close to a hospital) and pick up one of those donut shaped air pillows. You know, the ones that you can fill with air. You then sit on this donut shaped ring where the centre is, of course, like a donut hole. That way, you can sit but your bottom doesn't actually touch the surface of the chair or couch, or bench, or whatever you are sitting on. The pillow gives comfort in that you can sit... but the tender area of your body gets relief because it's not touching anything.

    It might be worth a try? I'm sure this will all heal in good time, but it doesn't matter if it heals in a week, the time it's not healed is downright painful!!

    Like the others said... take it easy! Don't be running around and trying to pretend everything is normal. At the moment, it's not... but it will be soon :)


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    Hey, Kim.

    Since I had colon surgery, I can't offer any good advice, but I just want to tell you that I hope you're in less pain really, really soon.

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    Yes, Kim, me too
    I had a very low resection and almost all of my rectum is gone. My surgery was Feb 4, nearly 3 months ago, and I still cannot sit upright without pillows, air tubes, etc. It's a royal pain (pun intended!) I cannot eat in restaurants unless they have booths where I can kind of put one foot up under my bum to rock it over (I won't carry pillows into a public place! LOL!)

    Hang in there. See what the surgeon says, but mine told me it would take months.

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    thinking of you
    Hi Kim,

    I wish I had advice for you, but I'm thinking of and praying for you. Hope your Dr. can figure it out and it won't be anything major.

    God bless,
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    Life can be miserable when you're in pain and can find no relief so I
    am sending strong vibes your direction that there will be an answer asap.

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    Glad to see your update!
    I'm sorry doctor didn't have a way to make it better tho!

    Will keep this in prayer, Kim!
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    Take those pain meds, baby! LOL Do what you need to. I hope you get some relief soon.

    Hugs and Prayers,