PSA doubled in 6 months after radiation treatment

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My husbands psa doubled since his last psa 6 months ago. He had external beam radiation after being diagnosed 2 years ago. His first 6 month psa dropped slightly but not what doc wanted his next one also dropped very little. Now it doubled. Doctor told us not to panic and he would recheck in 4 months if went up again he would say that the radiation did not work. I am terrified and don't know if we should wait 4 months. Doc says could just be something else was going on at the time and gives you the speach about how prostate cancer is the slow growing kind and we would still have options in 4 months. He was at stage 2 before still in prostate but could be felt on rectal exam. PSA was only 2.2 then and doctor said if it was not for the rectal exam they wouldnt have even suspected cancer. Any body got advise. I have also read that surgery is not recommended for people after radiation. What if it has spread?


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    Psa Doubling
    It would be wise to get another biopsy of the prostate as I did with my more severe case of cancer. If you find there is still cancer in the prostate ( in my case not ) then at least it can be killed by freezing the prostate. NO surgery will be done now by any reputable doctor. Waiting 4 months is the right thing to do. The best thing you can do is get all the stress out of his life and only do things he enjoys. Other treatments are also available regardless of what happens to his psa.