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Hi Jackie! Just wanting an update on your doc appointment? Did you find out anything? You know they are the ones who should feel like idiots, not you. It's their responsibility to show you the methods of how things work. Don't feel bad, i had clueless people too. I was lucky though because my system is sort of basic. I could be putting it on wrong, though! I honestly am not sure! I hope you got some results today. I've been thinking about you!

Many hugs,


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    Surgery May 11th
    I have set up the surgery to remove the 2 cm stump so they can tell me I am rectal cancer free. It has a 50% chance of infection and no sitting 6-8 weeks, but I thank God it's not cancer. Still have no idea why it was left. The Ostomy Nurse I seen at the hospital, taught me a whole lot. I never had anyone ever the Home Health Nurses show mw how do do anything, I was cutting my wafer 16 mm and I was way to small.She changed me to SenSura one piece, I have been in a 2 piece since the start. And this feels so much better and lighter and has been on since the 16 longest I have been able to keep one on. So how are you feeling, I put the CSN on the prayers list at church this morning.
    Many Prayers
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    No sitting??!!
    I'm so glad they're going to take care of it, Jackie! That's just crazy no one has helped you until now! Fifty percent chance for infection sounds horribly high. Is there anything they can do to lessen those odds? And no sitting for 6-8 weeks? How do they expect you to do that? That means no car rides, no computer...i'm trying to imagine that...no computer! lol! I hope you have a lap top, then you can lay in bed and type. I think you're awfully brave, Jackie. You're taking charge of your life, and getting it done! My surgery is just before yours on the 1st, and i'm getting nervous as hell. Tomorrow is my history/physical, and now i get to tell them that i'm diabetic, and my triglycerides are nearly 800! I can't tell new doctors my ailments without feeling like a total hypochondriac. I have to add, "...as a result of my cancer treatments..", at either the beginning, or the end of the list. Still, i have to be grateful i'm not on chemo anymore. Honestly, i'm a little nervous to be grateful for anything for fear it too will crumble down!

    I know what you mean about the bags not lasting. Mine have been falling off after a day or two. I used to be able to wear the same one for up to five days. I don't know what i'm doing different. I'm so glad you've found someone to help you with that. I didn't like my ostomy nurse, so i came here to get answers. lol!

    Many hugs!