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i have a few nov i was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer. had the lumpectomy.went thru mammosite rads 2x day for 5 days.the site is still sore and still fills with fluid tho i didnt need the long chemo theapy,i take a chemo pill called arimidex once a day... now here the problem back in may of 2006 i lost a kidney to renal cell carcinoma...on the left after 3 yrs my blood work came back as having high liver enzymes...the dr wants me to have a bone scan. why if its the liver with problems does he want a bone scan instead of liver tests...i am also wondering if the treatment for breast cancer is affecting the liver too as its on the same side..i am going to my dr later this month and going to ask these questions but i was wondering if it happened to anyone else
its just confusing

uterine cancer march1986
kidney cancer may 2006
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  • Jeanne D
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    I have no answers for you..I wish I did. Can't you get in to see your oncologist sooner? I would call and see if you could get in sooner and I bet they will get you in. You have a lot of important questions and they will understand you need answers asap, or, they should. Let us know what happens. Good luck to you!
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    My oncologist ordered a bone
    My oncologist ordered a bone and liver scan after my surgery to make sure the cancer wasn't there, and, it wasn't. I haven't read where many on here have had those scans and I wonder why or if they just haven't mentioned them. They are important tests to have. I can't answer specifically your questions Diana, but, your doctor will. Good luck to you and please let us know what you find out.
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    hi Diana
    I agree with Jeanne, I would see if they can get you in sooner. You will feel better to have your questions answered. I know i had a routine bone scan after surgery, it was neg. for ca. Thank God. But they told me this was just protocal. Best of luck and let us know what your Dr. says.
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    I don't have answers for you, but I do want to suggest that you discuss "arimidex" with your doctor. I don't believe it is considered a form of chemo.