Thank you all you fine women of HOPE

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Thank all of you fine women for the advise and recomendations on managing the chemo treatment ( Doxil) ... I had my first treatment almost 2 weeks ago and followed Bonnie's " Words of Wisdom" regarding this chemo...I feel ok so far... no major reactions thus far.. a little tired is all. I am receiving Decatron as a pre-med and Zantac IV so I was slightly queezy and constipated but nothing awful as compared to Taxol or the other chemos I have received in the past..will keep you all posted on my progress... thank you ALL for the prayers, they are working !!! 461 Ocean...


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    Prayers continue
    Thanks for update and glad to hear it is going along without reactions. They are cummalative so stay on top of it if you can. Prayers ♥ Hugs bonnie
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    Good news
    Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted on your continued good news. I may be starting it in the near future and am interested in how you tolerate it as you go along. (((HUGS))) Saundra