Long term effects of AI

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I was switched from Arimidex to Aromasin because the Arimidex left me with severe joint pain and inflammed tendons resulting in trigger finger. Does anyone know if the ses of AI's ever go away once the drugs are discontinued? I'm going to write to Astra Zenaca and see what they have to say, but I thought maybe some of you long time survivors might relate your experience. Thanks a bunch. hugs, Marilynn


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    I don't know Marilynn but
    I don't know Marilynn but I'm going to keep an eye on this thread. I think it's a good idea to contact AZ. Good luck to you.
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    Long term effects
    That is a great question! I've been wondering because I've been off all meds(Tamoxifen for 5 years, Femara 8 mos,and Aromasin for 1 1/2 years)since Oct. 2007 and I still have joint pain, high cholesterol, low thyroid . I didn't have any of these symptoms prior to meds. I did not have chemo so I'm sure this all started during Meds.I had 2 trigger fingers that I had repaired in the MD office(no cutting) and haven't had any triggering since but I do have some pain at the site.I also had dry eyes but have been on Restasis for over a year and that seems better and weight gain that started during meds but now I am eating a bit more and have gone thru menapause so that too could be a cause.I also had hair thinning but I've been using minoxidol and that seems to have stabilized. It will be interesting to hear other peoples experience. HUGS!!! Cathy
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    Marilynn, rather than write to the drug company, I would google the company on the internet and most drug companies have a phone number patients can call to talk to. I called Novartis about my hair thinning on Femara.

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    Femara vs. Arimidex
    I took Femara for 7 months before switching to Arimidex last month and I already feel a big difference in my joints especially my legs. I have noticed some dryness in my eyes and nose and some mild nausea but as for the joints I feel much better.
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    Not sure anyone knows...
    Honestly, I think these types of meds/AIs just haven't been around long enough to determine possible "long term" side effects (vs. Tamoxifen). All drugs are tested for only so long, then put on the market. Therefore, in some ways, the first generation of users become the "long term guinea pigs." (Ouch! I'm such an animal lover, I hated typing that.)

    And for some of us - who knows? I'm 5 years out from completion of invasive treatment (surgery/chemo/rads), now taking Arimidex 3+ years (after 2 years of Tamoxifen). Physically, I'm nowhere near the same as I was prior to BC - energy & stamina levels, funky digestive system, constant achiness, etc., etc., etc. ... Can the doctors separate these chronic side effects/symptoms? What's due to chemo? What about rads? The meds? Menopause? The basic aging process? At this point, most of the time I get even more tired just thinking about it. So, try not to. I just keep up with all my follow-up appointments, and do what I'm advised to. The doctors tell me I'm doing "great" - I'll take that. :-)

    And please understand that I'm certainly not diminishing your problems... I'm not, and I'm sorry for you. I, too, have that severe joint pain - although some days not as bad as others (Aleve is my OTC of choice. On the worst days, I take 2 at a time which = prescription strength... I trick I learned from the nurses following surgery.)

    Good luck with your search for more info. Hoping you'll find some relief for your symptoms, too.

    Kind regards, Susan