Vitamins during Radiation Treatments?

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From what I have read, it seems you are NOT suppose to take vitamins during radiation treatments. Has anyone else heard or read this? My radiation oncologist never said anything, but, I don't take any vitamins anyway. Maybe that is why he never said anything about it. hmmmm


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    Never heard About that
    I can't remember hearing anything about that,but maybe my oncologist told me about it and I can't remember!Did your radiation oncologist give you any info on this before?If you havn't ask him about it.He should know and be able to tell you.
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    I was taking selenium and vitamins before radiation. My rad onc told me not to take the selenium while doing rads. Its been almost 5 yrs and I can't remember if she told me not to take any of the vitamins. You might want to ask if you are considering taking them.

  • Christmas Girl
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    You need to ask your doctor...
    Hello, Noel. My medical oncologist instructed me to cease taking all supplements - vitamins, etc. - prior to beginning chemo & for throughout radiation, which followed. We discussed supplements/vitamins after completion of all treatment. He wants to know about everything I now take; so, I never add anything without discussing it with him first. If you're not taking anything now anyway, don't start unless you discuss with one of your doctors.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    Multi-vitamins were stopped,
    Multi-vitamins were stopped, but I continued taking calcium+D supplements at the start of chemo last year. Oncologist said he didn't want anything to interfere with chemo drugs. I restarted vitamins at the end of radiation.
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    Radiation and vitamins
    It is more important for radiation than for chemo. Or I should say that there is clearer evidence that some supplements can interfere with radiation. My onc. told me not to take supplements containing Vitamins A, C, or E (the antioxidants). She said a multi vitamin was fine, although I stopped taking that halfway through chemo.