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ding, ding, round two and freaking out! just found out at my four year check-up/scan that it's back. Devestated and thought I had beat it. meeting surgeon tomorrow for biopsy and then being sent to Hopkins as my local doc's can't manage new care - ICE!? What? Anyone had it and can you describe - help me understand what I'm in for. Now will be in hospital 5 days at a clip then home, daily injections, rest, back in for 5...two small kids at home, scared out of my mind, now they are talking "control,shrink" as opposed to "cure" the first time around. years? arrgghh!


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    So sorry to hear that
    Hello. I am so sorry to hear that your cancer has returned. I had my NHL come back after only a hopeful year and a half that I had beat it, the doctors were stunned too when it came back. However I am here to tell you that that was 18 years ago and they now consider me to have been cured. Usually on recurrance for my type of cancer they don't talk in terms of a cure after a recurrance but it happened despite the odds and you can lick this too. I also know many people who have been on treatments, some not so bad at all, for years and they are still functioning very well. Don't give up hope, this is a setback for sure for you but once you regroup from the shock just take it day by day and pray. I'm serious, prayer is so very powerful and group prayer even greater. If you belong to a church or even if you don't have friends ask their prayer groups in their churches to put you on their lists, I had an actual healing in the hospital during prayer group activity.

    Cancer can be cured in many cases but more than a sentence for many too it can also be a chronic illness - survivable for many many years. Keep up the fight - you can do it with the love and support of family and good medical teams. All the best, Blueroses.

    P.S. Sorry I have not heard of the ICE protocol but I have been out of the cancer field as a patient for many years. You can always call the American Cancer Society's National Information Specialists number where specialists are available 24 hours a
    day at 1-800-227-2345. Hope that will at least get you started on more information on ICE.
    All the best.
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    Sorry I don't have a lot of information on ICE. I dealt with the chemo so long ago, that they no longer use it first line like with me.

    I am involved with several email support lists and I do recall hearing of it over the last couple of years. All I know is that it is used mainly with relapses.

    I hope you can find more information. In fact, you have every right to request as much as you can even from your provider.
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    My husband was diagnosed with NHL in 2007. He went through a chemotherapy called CHOP and they thought it was cured. In about 18 months, it was back. He has just finished a regimen of chemotherapy called RICE. This is Rituxan plus ICE (ifosfamide, carboplatin, etoposide). It was three days of treatment with the second day being a 24 hour infusion, so he had to spend the night in the hospital. After the three days, he didn't have to go back until the third week and had the same treatment again. This was done for 3 cycles (about 3 months). Most of the time, he did fine, except for the usual tired, rundown feeling that comes from having chemo. He did lose his hair again. After the last treatment, he started running a temperature and had to be hospitalized and treated with IV anti-biotics. Since that time, he has been feeling better daily. Week before last, he went for a petscan ahd the cancer has improved, but is still there. Starting on Monday, he is going to be tested to see if he is strong enough for a stem cell transplant. I hope this information helps you a little and you can look the drugs up individually to see the expected side effects.
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    R-ICE pro

    I have had 6 rounds of R-ICE. It really worked for me. I completed my last round the Nov/Dec last year. Here was my R-ICE schedule: Day1, chemo, Day 2, rest no treatment, Day 3 chemo, Day for 2 chemo treatments then admitted to the hospital to receive a 24 hour dose of chemo, day 4 chemo (can be done in Oncolo office or in the hospital). I was given fluids and stayed an extra day. I was released on Saturday. Once the steriods and fluids wore off, the following day, I felt like I was hit by a bus! There was a lot of pain all day Sunday. But as sudden as the pain came about me, it quickly left. Monday morning I awakened to absolutely no pain at all. I returned to the Onco office for a check up and if needed a shot for my wbc.

    This was my routine for 6 rounds. The first one is scary. But all in all I am glad I continued the treatments. Monthl later, I am doing great, regaining my strength and trying to stop eating everything in site.

    It is so worth the treatment. Just communicate your concerns with your doctor. Scheduled follow ups after each treatment will ease your mind..... it did for me.

    So, chin will win-the-fight.

    Take care and be blessed.