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last monday i was diagnosed with liver mets starting chemo tomorrow. have three scares 1 my hair willgo.. scarf or wigs? we swim here soon we start and i am a swimmer!!! and have lovely long curly hair 2 we have to tell mum this week 3. will ibe able to work i love my work and it gives me great satisfaction!!! now we see feel consoled

do wigs on line really look as good as they promise.where i come form we dont have much choice


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    Hi, Jenny - I wear them all;
    Hi, Jenny - I wear them all; scarves, caps, hats and wigs. Like you, we're very rural and I have to order lots of things online. Re wigs: make sure you get the monofilament top. Much more life like and cooler. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. You don't have to spend a fortune, tho. $150 or so.

    They have swim caps for chemo patients, too. If I can remember where the link was, I'll send it to you. (still have slight chemo brain). LOL!!!

    I was able to work part time MOST of the time during chemo. Jan/Feb were pretty much spent at home. But I worked during Dec and then went back mid Feb to present. I finished chemo 2 weeks ago. Just listen to your body and rest when needed.

    Prayers and hugs go out to you. Teresa
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    nice wigs
    I don't know how much money you want to spend on a wig, but there are some really nice ones online at You can keep them for up to 10 days, try them on in your home, and send them back if you don't like it.

    Best of luck to you. We care.

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    You can order a free TLC
    You can order a free TLC catalog from the American Cancer Society. TLC has many things for cancer survivors, including wigs, hats, and scarves. I'm not sure about the cost of shipping to you, but it is an option.

    Take care, seof