grapefruit juice and aromatase inhibitors

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I never thought much about the role of diet in breast cancer, but I have recently learned that grapefruit juice is known to interfere with many medications. I'm thinking of cutting out my daily morning drink of the stuff just to be safe, but does anyone know if grapefruit juice is safe to drink when you're on AIs?



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    my thoughts
    Looking at the web sites, I'm not sure that all meds have been examined for this interaction. What happens is that the grapefruit juice interferes with an enzyme that helps metabolize the medication and you end up with a higher level of the medication in your bloodstream. There are meds that are known to have this interaction. Long story short: I'd have orange juice.

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    I saw an article about fruit
    I saw an article about fruit juices and certain medications. Here is the link:

    Might want to take your medication with water.