More Giggles!

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Come on people..we need more giggles. Those posted the other day made my day sooooooooo much better! Get on those grandkids to say something "darling". OK? lol


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    Okay I will tell you about my son's silly moment, it has nothing to do with cancer but I found it to be quite funny. Picture a cute 8 year old boy who loves to read. One day he bounds down the stairs so excited telling me to come see his new reading pillow. I have no idea what he is talking about, but he is thrilled! As I enter his room he proudly points to the closet door and say's see my new reading pillow and he sits on the floor and places his head smack on the "pillow". It took everything I had in me not to start laughing. You see my son was resting his head on a Maxi Pad that he had stuck to his closet door. I had to tell him he could not use that pillow and that it had to go. He had a very hard time understanding why since there were so many other pillow's, he thought I was not sharing. I reminded him of this when he became an adult (he is 26 now) and he turned a wonderful shade of red.

    Gotta love the little ones,

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    Oh my gish RE..that is so
    Oh my gish RE..that is so funny! Thank you for that! I love it too when you all share cute little stories about your kids or grandkids on here. A little humor is refreshing. Thanks again!